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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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prayers to our own patients carter who is one of our interns. she was at the club when the shooting happened. gunman shot her in the leg and her friend, who was with her, was also injured. we were talking to patient's family and her family tells thaws both are in stable condition. >> we got to know her pretty well because this is her second stint. she did back to back semesters here. she's from philadelphia she attend nyu. a great young woman. >> very vibrant. she was also with us. we he did our live show in ocean city, some of you might have met her. she has a very big, bright smile. >> beautiful young lady. she will will be back with us hopefully in the next few days as a matter of fact. straight up at 7:00 here's the latest, names, ages of 21 of the victims have been released. most of them in their 20's and 30's. the shots started at 1:00 o'clock in the morning, yesterday morning at pulse nightclub, and police officer fired back, with the shooter ran inside, and then continued to shoot.
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in fact, this went on for three hours. >> it would be several hours before swat moved in, rescued hostages inside killing the shooter, who has been identified as 29 year-old omar mateen of fort pierce, florida. fbi interviewed him twice before but never found reason to charge him or arrest him. >> he was working as a security guard guarding federal buildings and maybe even airports. how is that possible. we have coverage from all angles but we will start with chris o'connell who is live from orlando, chris? mike, orlando that has the nickname, the city beautiful is a hurting city today. fbi and orlando police still here at the crime scene, this is still an active crime scene outside the pulse nightclub here in orlando. today, the community is gathering. they are coming together, case in point almost immediately after the shootings, several local hospitals, and emergency need for blood.
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thousands flock to go orlando area blood donation sent tours give. some lines wrapping around the block with donors. most of them have no connection whatsoever to anybody was hurt in the night club shooting and they say it doesn't matter, they are here to help. also, last night, we were with hundreds of people gathered a at a local park, about a mile from here, to pray, and really just come together. some say, that they don't know the statute of their friend, in were with that are friend and loved ones they still considered missing. people are sad but they say that this community will go on. >> we are having trouble with that sound there we will get back to orlando in a bit. we have got new information about the fbi press conference from orlando where chris is. it looks like they will delay it until 7:30.
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>> but we will make sure to carry it live. dave kinchen is here with us here with a deeper look at the up investigation and to omar mateen, the 29 year-old who was the shooter. >> reporter: we are waiting on that press conference now from the fbi push back at 7:30. also a former co-workers telling "fox news" that the shoot was unhinge and unstable and went on racist rants. we are also hearing, from the suspect's father, and ex-wife. now for the information we have from the feds, federal officials say during the massacre, the gun man 29 year-old omar mateen had called 911 from the shooting scene and pledged allegiance to isis. we are also told that he mentioned the boston bombings and we have learned that he had been under federal investigation for two incidents in the past three years but was ultimately not considered to be a threat. now here now is, the suspect's father and former wife. >> i didn't see anything different then what he used to
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be. i am really puzzled and very saddened and i'm very upset what happened there because my family, to see all those deceased people. >> a few months after we were married i saw his instability. i saw that he was bipolar. he would get mad out of no where. that is when i started worrying about my safety and then after a few months he started abusing me physically. >> reporter: feds say they became aware of the suspect when they say he made inflammatory comments to co-workers, and alleged possible terrorist ties. however, those investigations were inconclusive. federal officials say it was also revealed that he had a gun license since at least 2011 and a peers to have purchased two weapons in the past week and bought them legally. he did not have a criminal record. investigators say that we are told he was working as a
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security guard sips 20 on on two. mateen died in a shoot-out. >> interviewed by fbi twice and still keeps his job as a security guard, guarding federal buildings. >> reporter: we're told according to the father he had a gun there too, from his security clearance. so a lot of holes here a lot of questions that have to be answered. so 7:30 press conference hopefully we will get those answer is we also learn he was otter or watch list but they took him off once they cleared him. >> he was otter or watch list he could not have bought that ar 15a couple days ago. lets get back to this. i want to show you a list. just remind you, how young these people were. twenty-one victims, we have the names of 21 of the 50 now. look at their ages. there is 150 year-old man in here. but these kids, well, young adults are just out having a good time. >> yes. >> just coming together. >> and then we have learned more about the victims and, the people that lost their lives and family affect a lot
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of people talking about this one mother who happened to be texting her son, during this shooting. >> yes. >> her son eddie woke her up yesterday morning. he was at the pulse nightclub. his first text came in at 2:06. it said mommy, i love you. in the club, they are shooting. the conversation went on for half an hour. it took a serious turn when the gun man was in the bathroom where eddie was hiding. >> i asked him what he heard. >> he said, yes, some of the people hurt. >> he said yesterdayy said what bathroom are you in. >> he said woman's bathroom. >> and then he said hurry. he is in the bathroom with us. he is a terror. i asked him in the main bathroom. he said no. >> and then you saw that text, he said to his mom i'm going to die. well, he did die, the gun man
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shot him right there in the bathroom. >> he was 30 years old. >> thirty years old. >> we are hearing stories of survival though from inside that club, more than 300 people were inside pulse when the shooting started. one survivor shared his story at a vigil for victims last night in orlando. he said at first he thought the gun shots were part of the music, that the dj was playing, but when he realized what was happening, he ran and hid in the bathroom himself. >> unaudible. >> man talking that is back of his head there. the survivor says police came and got him from that bathroom stall. >> and then you think about how many people were affect by this, one-third of the people who were at pulse nightclub
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were shot. >> that is right. >> 300 people, one-third was shot. >> here in philadelphia increased police presence big time in response to the massacre. >> authorities say just precautionary. there have been in threats made. >> no official threats on the city of philadelphia. >> steve is in city hall where there will be a vigil tonight. >> reporter: mike, how about this i thought the most disturbing fact after all of the facts were slowly come out yesterday, was right before the president spoke, to learn that this was the 15th time that president obama was going on the national tv after a mass shooting, since he became president. it is almost like twice a year, while he is president and worst mass shooting was before he was president, at virginia tech with 32 and then yet sandy hook where you saw the president crying, 27 people, mostly kids, killed there and now you have almost double sandy hook in orlando, and it is staggering to hear it was the 15th time he talk
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about a mass shooting just as president. so here governor wolf ordered all of the flags at half staff, just as a show of support and honor for the people of orlando and so you are seeing those flags and maybe just a coins dent about how windy it is today but flags are blowing strong. look this is on the municipal services building and greg will go through the trees and show you on top of the criminal justice center above, flying strong with the sun going through these stripes making it look just fantastic out here despite the lot never good when a flag is only halfway up. right underneath the flag is where thousands of philadelphians you can bet will be here on the north side of city hall tonight at 6:30 for a vigil to honor victims in orlando. the crowd here, again will be like the crowd yesterday, and all of the philly pride events. look at our video. notice in our video among the crowd a crowd of philadelphia police. it was for awareness to make everybody feel secure, they
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stepped up, their initial plans. they were already going to have a lot of cops at that thing but they wanted people there knowing that the police had their backs, that they could enjoy themselves or they could talk among each other without war big anything happening here and nothing did happen here. not one single event, not one single arrest, despite thousands of people, enjoying themselves both in the parade and at the festival on penns landing. >> unaudible. >> they are carrying a bag, we will try to go through it. it is not something we normally would have done but it seems like it is more and more necessary. >> unaudible. >> we have to be realistic, this is the world we live in
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nowadays and until someone gets those guns off the street, we're going to have this problem and it will just get worse. >> reporter: and, appropriately we are right next to the love statue, featuring the colors, red, blue and green, three of the colors of the lgbt rainbow flag and you can bet a lieutenant of the people will be taking pictures underneath that love in the face of the hate, that we saw in orlando. >> all we need is more love, that is for sure. eleven past 7:00. how about this, they say it is not related but it seems so like it. >> because in california, police arrested a heavily armed man they say had driven from indiana heading to west hollywood's gay pride parade. these are pictures on twitter of his car. police say it had explosive and weapons inside. they arrested 20 year-old james wesley howell, saying only that he wanted to harm the gay pride event. the arrest does not appear to have any connection as you mentioned mike to the attack
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in orlando. still had people thinking because it happened so fast. >> the car was just stuffed with ammunition, guns and bucket of chemicals that you would make bombs with. that guy was up to no good. president obama addressing the country yesterday afternoon around 2:00 in the afternoon after the attack in orlando. >> saying the shooting is an attack on the freedom of all americans. >> this is a sobering reminder that attacks on any americans, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us. and on the fundamental values of equality and dignity that define us as a country. >> he did take some heat for not mentioning radical islam. he thought maybe it was too early. presumptive presidential nominee from his both parties also speaking out against the attack and took to twitter to address the shooting. >> hillary clinton tweeted quote woke up to hear the devastating news from florida,
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as we wait for more information. my thoughts are with those affected this horrific act. >> donald trump tweeted quota appreciate the congrats for being right on radical islamic terrorism. i don't want congrats but toughness and vigilance many we must be smart. he followed up saying president obama should resign if he refuses to use the word radical islamic terrorism that first tweet by donald trump some thought was so self-serving, so he made it more palatable later on in the day. a separate act of violence in orlando, friday night, claims the life of marlton native cristina grimmie. >> you remember she was once a finalist on the voice. >> yes. >> and become a big you tube star. she was remembered yesterday at her medford church. >> ♪ >> the church was packed, and
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so moving, to sianni hear cristina's voice there filled fellowship alliance chapel where she attended bright and early before moving to los angeles to pursue her singing career. a man shot and killed her, she was just 22 years old friday night, again in orlando, as she signed autographs after the show. police say that the shooter did not know her personally and then killed himself after being tackled by her brother. so, pastor of her church, spoke about cristina's death. >> i know cristina herself would want to declare that... unaudible. >> that pastor will join us life in the studio just after 8:00 o'clock this morning. 7:14. lets get to lauer when other top stories today. >> good morning. high speed car crash leaves one man dead in bustleton this was the scene at bustleton
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avenue and greg street around 4:30. witnesses say driver was swerving all over the road and ran several lights and hit some trees and a brick wall. police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role. crews were called out to the fire in pennsauken, new jersey, flames broke out in the home along hill crest avenue just after 12:30. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. police in new castle county are investigating the shooting of two men overnight this is video on winding wayne around midnight. when authorities arrived on the scene they found two, 18 year-old suffering from gunshot wound and without men have been taken to christiana medical center. closing arguments expect in the federal corruption trial of u.s. representative chaka fattah. and for four co-defendants. eleven term philadelphia demies accused of taking an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan, amid a failed mayoral bid, and misusing federal grants, and non-profit loans. after planning on taking septa you'll have a new way to pay today. septa a rolled out new key card system starting to day. up to 10,000 septa customers
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will get the chance to be part of the pilot program. the electronic fare card will eventually replace passes and tokens. use your credit card at kiosk to buy the new key card in the coming weeks. mike and alex. >> okay. well, let's talk about sports a little bit here at 7:16. flyers fans, look away. the penguins have done it again. your bitter rival the pittsburgh penguins once again hoisting lord stanley's cup. the pens beat the sharks three-one in game six of the finals to finish the series. sidney crosby was named the mvp, oh, no. it is second time sidney has won a cup with the penguins. he has played for them 11 years now. at least they didn't win it on home ice. they never won it on home ice. they did it in san help
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say. 7:17. >> another championship tonight? golden state warriors looking to close out cavilers in the nba finals. game five tonight in oakland. >> it is over. >> do you think so. >> yes. >> they lead three-one. >> but they will be without a key player tonight. >> true, draymond green has been suspended for this altercation with lebron james. it was upgraded to a flagrant one full which gives green a one game suspension. warriors will to have try to clinch without him. >> as we watch this video. green is known for antagonizing people. >> short fuse. >> but if you watch when lebron, you know, when green went down lebron steps back, hesitates and tries to step over him. >> he could have walk around him. >> you know, who started it. >> but it is like tie ron liu watching there. , of course, he was the guy
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that got stepped over by ai. >> yes. >> which is still being talked about until this day. >> yes. >> don't you think. >> i don't see a suspension there myself. >> anyway, well, what he did after. >> it was unnecessary. >> smacking him in the sensitive area. >> sensitive area, sue. >> we know what that means. >> what that means is a pretty perfect weather day to day. ten out of ten. temperatures are back to where they are supposed to be. we got the in the 90's over the weekend. the bus stop buddy is dealing with temperatures in the 50's and 60's this morning and we are going to need your shades today. plenty of sunshine, out there, even with the cloud cover that you see coming through on ultimate doppler radar and we added satellite picture there and so that shows you a few clouds here and there but we don't expect any rain from this system until thursday, maybe wednesday night but probably thursday, so right now in philadelphia at the airport it is 61 degrees. 10 miles an hour breeze. relative humidity at
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52 percent. how about a high of 80 degrees, sunny skies, low humidity and breezes up to 25 miles an hour. no extremeness any regard. just a nice day. lots of weather to enjoy today. lets see about that monday morning commute, as we check traffic at 19 minutes after 7:00 o'clock. we will start off with a look at route 55 where we have had this problem pretty much all morning. the accident that happened southbound between route 553 and little mill road. that is between the glassboro and clayton exits, and your alternate there is route 47, delsea drive. we have a backup, at blue route southbound at conshohocken, and i'm thinking this is a disable vehicle. we will see tow truck on the scene, on the side but there is normally a lot of volume there anyway and even bigger slow down southbound blue route right there at conshohocken. i-95 at cottman let's commute the tonight city, it is a slow one this morning, as it usually is, mike and alex at this time. >> thanks, sue.
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7:20. the world is coming together to help those hoff been impact by the attack in orlando. how much money has been raised so far to benefit the victims and their families. in the middle of the tragedy in orlando a little piece of good news here. how one officer's life was saved while taking out the suspect, plus we're waiting on a news conference ten minutes away from the orlando and the fbi.
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7:23. that is very near the scene of the nightclub, just down the block, in orlando. where 50 people lost their lives. fifty-three others were shot. again, we're waiting we're thinking seven or eight minutes away from an fbi press conference with the latest information. >> still trying to learn about what happened and why. >> okay. 7:23. even though we are trying to understand a lot have people are expressing thoughts of love against this hate and also it has been a go fund me page put up where people have
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been rating money to help out victims and victim's family. >> how much money has been raised do you know. >> 1.33 million-dollar so far. >> wow, good. >> 34,000 people in 20 hours time. there is a go fund me page set up called the pulse victims fund set up by equality forum, that is an organization that does advocate for gay rights, in florida and elsewhere, of course. if you want to donate money to go to the rick tim's families and just think about it. we know 50 are dead and 53 injured. is there 30 families out there who are waking up for the second morning in a row in the knowing if their loved one is dead or alive. so it is a tragic story. if you feel like you want to donate to help out shall there is a way to do that. >> have they said how they will divide up the money or how to make sure it gets to all of the victims. >> reporter: no, they have not said specifically but i'm sure there will be updates throughout, but right now this
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is just making sure it is distributed properly. >> give us the site again, the go fund me page. >> go fund victims fund set up by equality forum. >> do you see when they asked people people to donate blood how long the line was yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: blood donations they are working on, vigils, counseling services, they are really doing a lot of outreach in that community. >> people want to know what they can do. that is something big you can do. >> the line was so long in orlando to give blood yesterday, great turnout. >> yes. >> lauren, we will see you tomorrow. still ahead we have ed turzanski, we have him come in anytime there is an attack, and there have been way too many. one of the questions we wanted to ask it did take a long time for swat to get in there this siege went on for over three hours, he has an interesting take on that. plus we're also waiting for press conference that will happen from the fbi to give us
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the latest. also a somber night for a normally excite ago ward show how those at tony awards paid tribute to these who lost their lives in it or land owe nightclub shooting.
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>> please call police, i'ming
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to go die. call them mom, now. >> that is just one of the tragic stories unfolding in orlando right now where, 50 people were killed in what is being called the worst mass shooting ever in the united states. lets get to this live press conference, with the mayor of orlando, right there. >> during the course of that night. opd and other law enforcement agencies responded heroically, allowing hundreds to stay at the beginning of the event and breaching the wall, killing the bad guy and rescuing dozens of hostages. the medical personnel that saved so many lives that were transported, to the hospital, and certainly heroes in my mind today as well as the entire community. and then we turn it over to, we again are thinking of the families and identifying the victims which is critically important because i cannot imagine being one of the parents or knowing your loved one might ab machining those deceased and having to wait to find out.
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the fbi did than a unbelievable job of clearing the scene, by 11:00 o'clock all of the victims had been removed and turned over to the medical examiner and to the fdle and then they also spent and did their job and now all 48 of the 49 victims have been identified. twenty-four of the next of kin have been notified, with more to come. the number to call for families is (407)246-4357. (407)246-4357, as the next of kin are being notified, we are putting the names of the victims on city of orlando/victims. so again, i want to just compliment the medical examiner and the fdle for work they did all night long in making the identifications and
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then notifying the next of kin and we will continue that process again to today. again we will not be defined by the act of a cowardly hater. we will be defined by how we respond, how we treat each other and this community has already stepped up to do that. thank you. governor? >> thanks, mayor. just a few minutes ago i asked the president obama to claire a state of emergency for the state of florida, difficult that yesterday for orlando, orange county and mayor did yesterday for the city. when you stop to think about this you think about we think about thank god it wasn't our family but as you go through that list of family members, we have a lot of individual, from puerto rico, wonderful puerto rican community, young lady, kj more hoist moved here to take care of her mother and grandmother. we have the individual, who works at harry potter. i was just there last week. these are people that we interact with, every day of
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our lives. our law enforcement has done a wonderful job. orlando police department, sheriff's department, fdle, fbi did a wonderful job getting the bodies removed from pulse and fdle the medical examiner did a great job identifying the bodies. this is a wonderful community we love in. this is the best melting pot in the world. we have 20 million people living here. we will have a hundred million people solicit here because it is a wonderful place to both live, and visit. we will continue to work hard to take care of these families and make sure that we try to get this community back and city back as quickly as we can. but right now it is time to grief for each family member who lost a loved one or still has someone in the hospital injured. i will turn it over to orlando chief, john. >> good morning. i wanted to provide some more information about our initial
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response and subsequent rescue. many, many people. so again, we had an extra duty off-duty officer working for pulse nightclub in full police uniform and at 2:00 o'clock he responded to shots fired. he did engage in the gun battle, with the suspect somewhere near one of the entrances, shortly after that, additional officers responded. those additional officers made entry, while the suspect was shooting and ebb gauged in another gun battle, with the suspect, and forced him to stop shooting, and then retreat to the bathroom where we believe he had several hostages. at that time we were able to save and rescue dozens ape dozens of people injured abe not injured and get them out of the club. things stabilized. based on statement made by the suspect about explosives,
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about possible bomb vests, we kind of secured everything. we called swat. we did set up for an explosive breach on the bathroom wall where we knew there were approximately 15 people in the opposing bathroom to where the suspect was. he had hostages. based on statements made by the suspect, based on information that we received from the suspect and from the hostages and people inside, we believed further loss of life was imminent. i made the decision to commence the rescue operation and do the explosive breach. the explosive breach did not penn state the wall completely. we used our armored vehicle bear cat armored vehicle to punch a hole in the wall, defeat the wall. there was a hole in the wall 2 o or 3 feet wide. we were able to rescue dozens and dozens of people, that came out of that hole, the
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suspect came you the of that hole himself, and armed with a handgun and long gun and engaged in the gun battle with officers where he was ultimately killed. at that time -- at this time i just want to say that the opd officers from the initial responding officers to the swat officers and other law enforcement acted heroically and courageous and saved, many, many, many lives during this operation. our one officer was struck, in the kevlar hell met right above his forehead. that helmet did save his life. i talked to him, spoke to him at length last night. he is doing great. at this time i will turn it over to the special agent sandy banks. >> could you clarify if anymore victims were shot during the hostage negotiation. >> i want to talk about what
7:36 am
our primary mission for all of to us day and and that is identification of the victims and net case of the families. as you heard from the mayor dyer we have confirmed the identity of the 48 of the 49 victims. the last identity confirmation is pending right now. so we anticipate having that name here shortly. a number of those as you heard from the mayor we have notified their next of kin. that is our 100 percent priority mission today. as you are aware the city of orlando is advertising the names of those victims as we make notification to the family member and i'll explain to you very briefly on how that is going. we have teams of agents, op d officers, fbi agents that we are deploying as we are's identifying these victims throughout the state and really throughout the nation to identify the family members to let them know that their loved one is deceased. once we have confirmed that that is the time we will post that to our web site. we ask everybody just respect
7:37 am
privacy of the family in that we will advertise those names of those victims but only at the time that we can confirm the next of kin is notified. again, i want to say that is the primary mission of all of us right now is to notify the family members exactly that one of their loved ones is dead and then we will advertise those names publicly to the rest of the community. i'll turn it over to now, i believe the fbi is ready to speak. >> u.s. attorney lee bentley. >> mr. as a mayor dyer said, yesterday was the most horrificking day in the history of orlando. it was the day with the largest mass shooting in the history of united states. terrible tragedy. first of all, on behalf of the federal government i'd like to thank our state and local partners, the florida department of law enforcement, orlando police department,
7:38 am
orange county sheriff's office, men and with men of these agencies hoff been working tirelessly, over the last day and a half. on behalf of the federal government would i also like to thank the governor, and all of the other elected officials hoff been here today for their help, their interest in what is going on here. we're working very closely at the united states attorneys office with our partners at the department of justice and national security division, we're also working of course with the fbi and very a atf. the amazing amount of work that has been done in just over 24 hours, as it has been explained, almost all of the victims have been identified and net case process is ongoing. we have been collecting a great amount of electronic and physical evidence. there is an ongoing criminal investigation.
7:39 am
it is still in the early stages. we do in the know yet whether anyone else will be charged in connection with this crime. do i want to let you know that we have no reason to believe that anyone connected to this crime is placing the public in imminent danger at this time. that there is an investigation of other persons. we're working as diligently as we cannon that. we have teams of prosecutors, as well as teams of agents around the clock getting search warrants and court order. if anyone else was involved in this crime, they will be prosecuted. now i will turn it over the to the atf, special agent in charge, thank you. >> good morning. first i'd like to just extend a atf family would like to
7:40 am
extend an heart felt warm appreciation for the extended -- on behalf of the atf we are here to give you their role in the investigation. we found on the scene, there were two weapons on the scene. atf has unique tracing capability. we have been able to trace those weapons. they have been traced to a last known purchaser, which is the shooter. one of the weapons was also, a third weapon was also found in his vehicle, we are still working on trace ago this weapon as well. we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the victim families as well as lb gt community. we are working the investigation with the team of atf analysts, special agents, and we are working together with the fbi and all of our state and local partners here today. we have a team of people here
7:41 am
that are able to provide what we can to this investigation. i'd like to know now turn it over to the fbi ape the special agent in charge. >> good morning, my name is paul wisable, special agent in charge of the fbi field office in tampa which includes the resident orlando agency. yesterday you heard from ron harper who difficult a incredible job for the fbi. one of the things to take away from these bad events such as this is we learned in 9/11 it the brings the community together including the law enforcement community. as you can see everybody represented here. we all work together from the get go and from the time 2:00 o'clock in the morning when shooting began, everybody rallied together to work the case as one force. we have a joint terrorism fast being tors which all these agencies represented are also represented on the joint terrorism task force.
7:42 am
so they work side by side. a lot of the up investigation has been disclosed to you. the main thing that we looked at, from the very beginning is the victims. as you heard there are 49 deceased, 48 have been identified. family members of about 24 families have been notified. we also have brought down 30 victim witness specialists, and they are going to work with the family to try to get what they need. resources are available. other agencies have pooled their resources and brought them down. the fbi has brought resources from the miami field office, the atlanta field office, the jackson field field office as well as quantico, virginia the laboratory has sent down a shooting reconstruction is in and that is the next task at hand as of last night within 24 hours, all of the victims were removed from the pulse bar/lounge and now going to be processing it with the
7:43 am
reconstruction shooting reconstruction team, to to get as much forensic evidence as we possibly can at that point. the investigation continues. overnight we probably processed 100 leads that were worked on by agents and task force officers combined. the task force has been up and running since the beginning with this and will continue to run as part of the agencies that you do including bringing resources to bear to get the truth and get it to you as quickly as you can. you have to realize is there a balancing act. a lot of what we do in the investigation may become classified. we we cannot disclose that information. we ask to you bear with us. we will disclose what we can, when we can. you have to recognize that when we can't, it is in the because we don't want to but because there may be prosecutions down the road and we are not sure where these loads will go. the as you know post 9/11 no stonies unturned and the same today as it was then. every terrorism case, investigation will be worked
7:44 am
the same way, no stone will be left unturned and we will follow leads where ever they will take us and we will review the best we can, what we can and you have to bear with us and just trust our judgment. fbi has been in existence for 108 years now and we have earn the peoples trust by working cases hard and being straightforward with you and we don't want to violate that trust by giving you bogus information and two hours later we have to tell thaw information was wrong. we keep you you addressed. by doing that it may take sometime to get that accurate information w that, just ask you to bear with us as we move forward in the investigation. i want to do like everybody else did and commend the first responders. they actually saved lives by responding as quickly as they did. numerous people were brought out alive and unharmed and many more are in the hospital, hopefully they will recover. again that human healing process that is a bonus to are this community that it has come together and hopefully that will maintain, and stay
7:45 am
the course. barring that we will take some questions. >> why has the number changed from 49 to 50 dead. >> we will take a break here, come back in two minutes, hang with us, we have a lot of question after that press conference, okay, we will be right back. hello, i am banking assistance and registration technology. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human.
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7:48 am
before the break we had a 15 minute press conference from law enforcement officialness orlando. we have a lot of questions after that ed turzanski from the foreign policy research institute sitting next toe me. >> we have nellie fitzpatrick, director of lb gt affairs here in the city let's start with you. my question, it wasn't just by chance that he pick a day what they call gay club, right. >> no, no this is very specific target. but again i think right now really important thing is to find out about how he got to the point of attack. did he go dark web, dark internet, find isis, or is he someone who just all along had
7:49 am
some issue, this was going to be in place, and decided ramadan was the time because isis made a call for attacks during ramadan and now we need to figure out, was, were there other people involved, in anyway, providing any kind of technical assistance either going in or maybe coming out. he talk about one weapon that was left in the car, and that was probably -- >> isis, if he linked to isis, isis kills gay people. >> they they them off buildings, they burn them in death. so, this entirely fits within what isis had called for, and when they had called for it. >> so nellie, for you you when it comes to this, the fact that it was at a nightclub, it is kind of a safe place, isn't i. >> would i respond with first what is not on the dark web is the level of hate and bias against the lb gt community as
7:50 am
a whole which is a extraordinarily diverse community. it is throughout our entire nation and our world. lgbt as we call them gay bars, quite often are a safe place and safe haven for folks who have never been able to safely walk down the street or withholding their same sex partners hand. it is a place where at a young age you might go to find your ability to be with your community, your ability to identify, express yourself. you know, we're seeing groups of people come together again, yet again in, gay bars, just last night i saw a group of people in the parliament house, other huge lb gt bar in orlando, with absolutely packed with people, crying and dancing. supporting each other. expressing strength. >> you are from floriday was born and raised in florida. >> does this surprise you, even governor scott says, florida is known as the best melting pot in the world.
7:51 am
>> what surprised me is that governor rick scott did not mention the lb gt community, one time in his remarks. i am grateful that he recognized the large, beautiful puerto rican community in orlando but it was latin night in this club, that are, communities of color are grieving, within the community and that experience large scale systematic of violence for decade in our nation. >> but senator rubio did mention the lb gt community a couple of times. >> again, it is interesting to see folks who have fueled a lot of this hate, who have justified and validated hate that ultimately leads to violence and death and ends lives. now come out, when we have the largest mass shooting in our country, and use this as a tool. while i like to believe that
7:52 am
yes, everybody can go from being a bias hateful person to an alley in someone hoist a champion for human rights n this moment it is very, very frustrating for lb gt community members to see it and not stand up. >> you mentioned because we know co-workers have said that the comment made at work his wife, they all said they saw a few men kissing earlier this year in miami and it upset him. >> can i get into another thing real quickly here and we will mention vigil in just a second. this guy, this shooter, the fbi investigated him twice over the last couple of years. they actually did in person interviews with this guy because he was a threat. there was in question bit. then how in the world does he still have a job as a security guard guarding federal buildings in this country; ed. >> what do you have to do to get fired from a security job. >> absolutely right. what we really need is a to
7:53 am
find out what his company knew, when they knew it, and to your point, mike, that company provides security and works with department of home land security, the state department and guard nuclear power plants. >> he could be guarding a power plant in an airport. >> he had the right to carry a weapon because of his employment with this security firmy know fbi does a good josh, they stop a lot of the threats. >> true. >> and possible things that have happened. we don't get to hear about this. this doesn't make you feel comfortable. >> he was otter or watch list and they took him off once they cleared him because they didn't have have enough understanding of the workings when it comes to isis. do you feel there should be a different process where if you have been interviewed two times, when they take you off, that you should go on another list. >> this is where this will go. the in the end, if you sanctioned him, if he loses his job, you know he will sue. when he does he will alleged
7:54 am
discrimination. more often then not law enforcement has a hard stop and they don't act against people who are on watch lists, in large part because you do have the rights in this country and again your question. >> does that mean he was taken off. >> is there a higher level of scrutiny when it comes to extending trust to someone who will work in the security capacity. we have to look at the laws which is again, why part of the briefing was the local prosecutor. >> yes. president obama has to come out and give one of these speeches 15 times in his eight years. nothing ever seems to change. hold on for a second. i just thought of you. how are you holding up. how are you even functioning today. >> the same way everybody throughout the lb gt community is functioning and has been for a long time. i'm heart broken for the families, the people, the
7:55 am
loved ones. it is devastating. it is devastating to the entire lb gt community to every person has ever experienced hatred, or bias or violence simply because of who they are, who they love or how they are perceived. your feeling gutted in this moment. it is hard. >> especially at this time yesterday there were a lot of gay pride events happening throughout our city and it was mentioned there was a moment of silence. >> that is correct there was a moment of silence at yesterday's pride festival, and, you know in, that moment it is important that our community come together to find ways to support each other, and no matter how different and diverse we all are, we must fine the fact, find our commonalities, find the fact that our diversity will strengthen us. it cannot divide us and tear us apart. we must take care of each other. >> lets start taking care of each other at city hall. >> there will be a vigil tonight at city hall at 6:30.
7:56 am
northeast corner, where the flagpoles are, the city flag as well as the lb gt flag. it was flying high and proud but lower to half mast. there is an incredible effort of community organizers bringing people together to come together of organizations nationally and locally coming and reaching out to see support. it will be a moment for us to hopefully find strength in our sorrow. >> we will see you there tonight. >> ed, good to see you as always. >> take a quick break we will be right back.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
terror and heart break in orlando. as you know by now at least 50 people are dead, 53 hurt when a gunman opens fire in a nightclub, the worse mass shooting in u.s. history. >> unaudible. >> my sonnies a good human being. it is just so unnecessary. >> survivors, and families, relive the horror while waiting for news from their loved ones. what we are learning about the victims and the shooter as the world comes together to pay tribute to those lives lost. even more tragedy in orlando. a separate attack, friday
8:00 am
night, takes the life of a rising young star from south jersey. >> ♪ >> cristina grimmie shot and killed as she tried to autograph, she even hugged her killer. how her hometown is honoring her. straight up 8:00 o'clock now. and as we mentioned a couple of times, this morning, boy, we're thinking about one of our interns who was in that club. she got shot. her name is patients carter. we got the to know her. this is her second semester. back to back semesters as an intern here. >> gunman shot her in the leg. the her friend was also injured. we have been getting tweeting saying they have a third person with them that they have not been able to get in contact with. we have been talking to patient's family. they are both in stable condition. >> she's from philadelphia. she to nyu.
8:01 am
wonderful, vibrant young lady. >> she has the biggest smile. such a bright smile. >> she has such a future in this business. she will be back in a couple days. we will give you a look at the wet they are morning. >> really. >> you need to know things are different. we got in the 90's both days. >> you know on saturday, the wind but i will not complain too much. >> it will be breezy, instead of windy. >> thank you. >> just trying to make you feel better. we have a breezy start today with temperatures mostly in the 50's and 60's and bus stop buddy, yeah, some kids still going to school. that is through the week for a lot of public school kid. we've got 61 degrees in philadelphia right now. we have 23 miles an hour sustain, so yeah, still windy out there but relative humidity was down, it is 51 percent. we are looking for a high of 80 degrees with sunny skies, and still breezy throughout the afternoon so it should be a nice one today and not as hot as it was over the
8:02 am
weekend. seven day forecast is coming up. lets get you traffic on this monday morning. we will start off with an accident, blue route southbound, just past the mid county tolls, you can see how folks are crawling along, they have moved the accident into that little area between the lanes where they are merge nothing but it is very, very slow but in that part of the blue route. route 55 in new jersey at route 53 little mill road, they have cleared that but still slow going in the southbound direction. look at roosevelt boulevard with a lot of volume and a lot of sun glare out there this morning slowing you down on this monday. mike and alex, back to you. >> thanks very much. lets get back to orlando. this is what we know about the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. the entire state of florida is now in a state of emergency. that now just announced a little while ago, rick scott, following yesterday's massacre. >> gunshots in the pulse nightclub right around last call leaving at least 50 dead.
8:03 am
several dozens, injured, we now know the number is 49, it is 50 including the suspect right here. we know omar mateen. swat teams burst in rescuing people inside. omar mateen was 29 years old. officials say he was not a stranger to the fbi. he was interviewed two times before. >> that is right. we have three reporters on this we have dave, steve, and lets start in orlando with chris, chris? >> reporter: good morning, guys. fbi just finishing up this latest briefing this morning, providing some additional details on the pulse nightclub massacre. among some of those details, 48 of the 49 victims now have been identified, we say 49 because the suspect that gunman not included in the death toll of 50 in this according to the fbi. behind me police and fbi still processing, loads and loads of evidence from this crime scene. it is still considered a crime scene.
8:04 am
the orlando police fbi detailing heroic efforts, for law enforcement mainly on how they rescued the patrons inside of pulse nightclub, swat teams performed an explosive breach basically blowing out wall of the bathroom enabling many, many people to escape. among those who came out of that hole the gun man omar mateen armed with the handgun and semiautomatic assault rifle. fbi says the duty is to identify victims and notify the family. >> we will continue to work hard to take care of these families and make sure that we try to get this community back, and city back as quickly as we can. but right now it is time to have grief for each family member who lost a loved one or still had someone in the hospital injured. >> reporter: back out here live, the fbi says they are pouring overload and loads of electronic and physical evidence from the gun man. authorities at this hour are at his apartment, about two
8:05 am
hearst from here at fort pierce, florida, performing a search warrant. another detail the fbi unveiled today they still do not know if anyone else will be charged in this. the fbi is saying they are investigating the possibility of another suspect. they have no reason to believe at this point, they say the public is not in danger but they did leave open the possibility of another suspect, in this case. forty-nine victims. we have been told 24 of those 49 families have been notified, and positively identified, but still a lot of work still need to be done to notify those families here in orlando today, a very tough day here in florida, guys. >> yes. chris, thank you. lets get to dave now. he is learning more about who this guy is. >> reporter: that is right. we just heard chris o'connell some details there we are also hearing from the the father and ex-wife of the orlando shooter, and, giving us more
8:06 am
insight in all of this, first some more information from the investigation, police say that they worried that the suspect had bomb vests on him and other explosives and as you heard chris talk about their law enforcement engaging in gunfire with the suspect when he tried to make his way through a hole that was essentially blast through a wall that swat teams created, first to rescue many of the victims there now federal officials say during the massacre, the gun man, 29 year-old omar mateen had called 911 from the shooting scene and pledged allegiance to the leader of ice is. we are told he mentioned the boston bombings at some point. we have learned that he had been under federal investigation for two incidents in the past three years and ultimately not considered to be a threat. here now the suspect's father and former wife. >> a few months after we were married i saw his instability. i saw that he was bipolar. wow get mad out of no where. that is when i started
8:07 am
worrying about my safety and then after a few months he started abusing me physically. >> i wish i did know. i know as much as you do about this. i didn't know. if i did know this, i would have called myself 911. i was than the told -- i would have told the police office to take him. >> reporter: father saying he did in the notice any warning signs in his son. the feds also first becoming aware of the suspect when they say he made inflammatory comments to co-workers alleging possible terrorist ties but those investigation where is quote inconclusive we're told and also revealed that he had a gun licenses since 2011 and period to have purchased several weapons in the past week and bought them legally. keep in mind investigators say he did not have a criminal record which was why he was likely able to buy those weapons and he was at one point on the terror watch list, but was removed. one more note, he was working
8:08 am
as a security guard since at least 2007 and his father said that security company also gave him a weapon, back to you. >> unreal. >> okay. >> we will learn more, and more will be coming out, and fbi continues their investigation. >> how about this, it is santa monica, california. >> police arrested heavily armed man they say has driven from indiana heading to west hollywood's gay pride parade. these are pictures on twitter on his car. police said it had explosives and weapons inside. they arrested 20 year-old james wesley howell saying they wanted to harm the gay pride event. the arrest does not appear to have any connection to the attack that happened in orlando. meantime for pride day celebrations, here in philadelphia, and there were many, there were a lot of extra police on duty, especially in the evening hours. >> but we're told there hasn't been a specific threat, so those security measures had been precautionary. >> yes. >> steve keeley is at city hall now where there will be a vigil tonight. >> reporter: couple of other developments that you and your viewers can see, busy doing
8:09 am
those interviews after we got out of that news conference. they revealed they were trying to negotiate with this shooter, before they eventually had to go in and kill him. that was new. and the other thing was, why he was on the phone with the negotiators he pledged allegiance to the islamic state, so, a couple of new developments there revealed during the negotiation was this guy over the phone. there was talk yesterday did you have any communication with the guy, and now they revealed a lot more about that communication, so a lot of the people watching the developments in orlando here in philadelphia and also as they come to work on a monday morning noticing the very strong wind here blowing non-stop here and doing a good job blowing those flags proudly that are at half staff the way the governor wolf ordered them at half staff in honor of the victims in orlando this flag flying over the north side of the city hall from the criminal justice center. this is where the vigil will be at 6:30 tonight a lot of people that took part in the philly pride events yet if you
8:10 am
look at our video you will see a heavy police presence. they were happy to see the police there police just wanted to increase their awareness and increase everybody's feeling of security and maybe increase a little bit of deterrence if it was needed. they did a a plus job. they will do all again tonight to make everybody feel that they are gathering in support of both each other and orlando and also feeling safe at the same time that they do that tonight at 6:30. other great thing you heard fbi and police chief in orlando say when they were adjusting those numbers they said 48 is number of people that we have identified of the 49 victims. great to hear him say it is no loaning 50. the shooter is not a victim was his quote. >> yeah, good quote and good point. >> 8:10. we will take a quick break. we will show you how different cities have been trying to honor victims of the shooting in orlando in different ways. very interesting. from d.c., i mean around the world. >> but first a rising young
8:11 am
star gone too soon. south jersey native targeted by a stranger, how cristina grimmie's hometown is now honoring her life.
8:12 am
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very, very slow on the blue route this morning. we are looking here south of the mid county tolls. we have an accident which is off to the side. it is not blocking any lanes but traffic is at a crawl this morning. we have check ben franklin bridge into the city from new jersey and it actually isn't too bad this morning. traffic is moving along pretty nicely and maybe folks extending their weekend at the shore. travel times as we look at i-95 woodhaven road to new jersey we have had some delays there when we go northbound, from woodhaven all the way up to new jersey. it is slow there but very slow, all the way from the turnpike through to the schuylkill expressway. very heavy traffic at a crawl
8:15 am
this morning. sun glare could be part of the problem. we will check that bright forecast for you coming in 15 seconds. 8:15. it is a day where we have got breezes. it is in the quite as windy as yesterday but this cold front came through yesterday, late in the day, and high pressure is building in. we're in between. we are still seeing breezes 25 to 20 miles an hour at times but it is pleasant because humidity is low. we have changed our wind direction to northerly and that means lower humidity. so temperatures, are all of them are in the 60's. we have 58 in pottstown. allentown right now. 49 degrees in mount pocono ape these wind coming out of the north sustained at 23 miles an hour. here in philadelphia. so as we look at the future cast, we have bright, beautiful weather, all the way
8:16 am
through to tuesday, next chance of rain, it looks like, maybe late wednesday, into thursday. it could inch into friday morning. hopefully, not friday morning because we will get to the north east for good day drives you friday morning but we have plenty of time to work on that, so far so good for the weekend. >> well, another orlando story, but from friday night. so orlando police tell us that you tube sensation, one of our own, and former the voice contestant cristina grimmie, had no personal connection to a man shot to death after her concert on friday. >> this was her meet and greet that she was having. she was 22 years old. she finished with the band before you exit at plaza live theater in orlando when she was killed signing autographs for fans at a merchant table this weekend was filled with tributes dedicated to cristina including one from selena gomez.
8:17 am
>> ♪ >> she broke down, in tears, she spoke about her relationship with cristina before performing her song worship, in her honor. they went on tour together. cristina was also remember at her church yesterday. >> fellowship alliance, and folks in the community remember the star with the music tribute to her singing the song, in christ, alone, and her pastor is here, the man who organized that beautiful tribute, pastor, good to have you here. >> thank you, pastor.
8:18 am
>> how long have you known christine. several years. her parents, her brother and teen a they are involved in the small groups, famous groups, all kind of different things. so she's very involved. >> the fact that you guys were playing that song yesterday in church service you said lyrics were very special for that moment. >> they were, perfect. the song is basically about i stand in christ alone, and end with until he calls me home. it is like wow. >> wow. >> that is exactly what happened. >> now she has been called home. her brother, she has one sibling marcus. >> yes. >> now he tackled the guy. now this shoot shore drove two and a half hours, apparently hug her and then got an autograph. >> is that right. i didn't know that. >> wow. >> her brother tackled the by. you have heard, and we have heard this too he may have had a couple weapons on him. >> that is what i hear. >> probably saved other lives. >> yes. >> what is the feeling like in marlton. she grew up in marlton.
8:19 am
she went to cherokee high school. how is the feeling in the church and marlton area. >> there is a lot of sadness. cristina was, what you saw was what you got. and likely help, so convinced that hollywood would somehow take away the genuineness that she had tattooed on her arm, all of this vanity. she didn't want to get caught up in that. >> she had moved to l.a. >> yes. >> and when the shooting happened, her dad, flew to florida, and her mother battling cancer stayed in california. so, this afternoon, her mommies flying from california, here and her daddies flying from florida here and we will meet at the funeral home and make plans. >> so the funeral will be here, as you say. >> funeral will be here. >> laid to rest here. >> this is their home. >> that is right. >> so our church, probably
8:20 am
saturday but i don't know yet. we will let the family make a decision on that. >> even though she lived in l.a. she came back often. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> i saw her a few months ago. >> yeah, her dad too. her dad and mom are connect with a lot of people, prayer teams. they are very good friend. >> she sound like a very spiritual person. >> very much so. >> that is how she was raised. >> yes, she just had a good heart. >> pretty voice. >> she was going to be a star. >> you just can't explain this. >> it is the a nation hand of god. we think about the unseen hand have of god orchestrating and working through history. well, ten months ago pastor i was going to preach on was already pick. it was called from chapter 12 verse 28 about the unshakeable kingdom that we are members but unshakeable kingdom. things may shake around you if you are in the kingdom of god which is what cristina certainly was, she is safe and
8:21 am
she's in the hand of god. >> she is safe. >> thank you so much for talk with us, about christina keep us updated. >> yes. >> about funeral arrangements today. >> this afternoon we will meet. >> please pray for the family. >> thanks very much good now listen to this. other story out of orlando present saturday night. listen to this. >> we want to remember them. we want to acknowledge them. we want never to forget them and never forget what happened, on this terrible morning. >> that was in new york but that played out around the world. we will show you these tributes, from all over the planet after the break.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
pennsylvania governor tom wolf as you know by now has ordered all flags in the state lowered to half staff to honor victims of the attack in
8:25 am
orlando. here we go again a candle light vigil for victims of the massacre will be held it in at 6:30, at the northeast corner of city hall. i think the entire area around city hall will be covered with plenty of people. >> i would get there early for sure. >> it will bring a lot have people together as it should. >> whole country will do this. they will hold similar tributes most of these around america showing unity. in seattle, beautiful. >> rainbow flag on top of the space needle has been lowered to half staff. the flags on top of the attraction to mark pride month. lets go to toronto, can inadequacies. standing in solidarity with the shooting victims mayor of the city janitor i tweeting out this photo. toronto sign bright in the colorful rainbow. >> mayor of tel aviv tweeted in solidarity with orlando, tel aviv city hall, lit up, with the red, white and blue. the colors of the lb gt community.
8:26 am
>> this is the bridge in kansas city lit up in the rainbow colors. mayor says it will remain lit to show solidarity. >> so, you would think maybe the empire state building would be lit up, no, they decided to dim all of the lights just go to black, in sympathy after the massacre. building will remain dark probably through the rest of the week. all right. local inspiration, she is a teenager, madison mcdaniels is her name, just graduated high school. okay. a lot of people do that. but with a perfect attendance since kindergarten. obstacles life threw at her and it didn't stop her at all. she's impressive. meet her next.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we continue to follow latest in the worse mass shooting in u.s. history. forty-nine dead and more than 50 others hurt when gunman opens fire in the gay nightclub, a night of terror now, a lot of people are coming together as dozens of families try to find their
8:30 am
loved ones. >> i am in the bathroom. he is coming. i'm going to die. >> a mother left grieving as her son text her from inside the club, the last message that he sent before the text stopped. this is exactly 8:30. >> imagine being in a wheelchair caring for your sick mother but you never missed a day of school. >> from kindergarten through high school. >> um-hmm. >> it sound impossible. >> but madison mcdaniels, she did it. watch. >> based in the single parent home, the odds definitely seemed to be stacked against the 12 year-old overbrook park girl. she was born with a hole in her leg which made it grow at a slower rate. doctors used rods to keep the bone is a part while her leg healed. she spent a good portion of 2010 in a wheelchair as a result. by tenth grade madison wasn't only taking care of herself
8:31 am
but also her mother, after she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. and yet through it all, madison never missed a day of school. in fact she had perfect attendance from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. now 17, madison graduated over the weekend from friends central. and now, she's here with her mother, tracie, hoist already crying. >> thank you. >> you two look like sisters. >> thank you. >> you kind of act like it. >> thank you. >> really close. >> how does it feel to have graduated. >> i'm glad i'm finally done. >> so. >> well, first, i started, probably on to the past. >> what do you mean start. >> kindergarten. >> it was like in choice i had to go. >> yes, exactly.
8:32 am
>> i started driving and stuff. i go to school every day. >> tracie said, because school is so important. >> it is something that i just knew, she was never, although she was not a suckly child. there was no excuse for her not to go to will school. i almost had perfect attendance when i was in school. i wanted to make sure that she did the exact same thing. >> how are you. >> i'm good. >> your health is good. >> you mom. >> i'm good. >> you are taking care of. >> you are in remission. >> yes. >> she took care of me. she's my guardian angel. >> she's your only child. >> she is. >> every day, you are like my goodness, i'm not going. >> there were plenty of days when she was going through what she was going through. i knew she wanted to go to school and get my education. >> were you ever really feeling physically ill. >> yes, yes a rot. >> still went. >> yes. >> when did you know you had it made, like i can do this.
8:33 am
>> junior year. >> that was one of my years where i just kind of shut down but i knew i had to remain positive and still go to school every day. >> what are you going to do now you will go to shippensberg. >> what do you want to be. >> a teacher. >> make sure you go every day. >> i will. >> unaudible. >> i was told that. >> i don't have any control, so that bothers me. >> but i'll be responsible. >> you too are close. you will visit. >> of course, i will be there. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'm a little nervous but she's a wonderful person. >> how was graduation did you cry like a baby. >> i cried the entire ceremony, the entire ceremony, difficult from beginning to end. >> did you get a certificate or something for having
8:34 am
perfect attendance. >> i got a gift card from amazon for $25. >> that is good. >> okay. >> just listen up here. >> if you go through kindergarten, to 12th grade you get 25 bucks from amazon. >> you still have that pride, hey, i never missed a day. >> yes. >> got to love that too. >> every single day. one time there was an ice storm. we went in the knowing. she was the only child there. >> yes. >> did they tell you to go home. >> i was just walking in my classes trying to open up the doors. >> no teachers were there. >> nobody was there. >> no. >> by myself. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> i'm going to show you another person who never missed a day doing weather in fox in 20 years. >> sue serio. >> yes. >> a little bit but i hate to miss because it is so delightful working with you.
8:35 am
>> true. >> we have bus stop buddy, smiling too, it is breezy start and mostly rising in the 60's with the unshine we have seen all morning. a few clouds here and there but generally a dry day but we will be continue to be dry for next couple of days, right now at philadelphia international airport, it is 61 degrees. boy, breezy. 23 miles an hour wind out of the north/northwest and relative humidity we are keeping that down to 52 percent. 80 degrees is our high. maybe not as windy bye still breezy, partly cloudy tonight, down to 60 degrees. that is a perfect day. we will give that one a ten. our seven day forecast is coming up in a few minutes but we're checking traffic for you right now at 8:35. just about in the morning. we will start off with a look at 736 westbound -- that is 76 westbound, that is the schuylkill, just past south street, there is an accident there. it is off to the side. it doesn't seem to be slowing folks down too much but just
8:36 am
caution in that area now we will check route 42 in new jersey are they making exodus bass, it looks like pretty crowd there had but everything is moving slowly at this point this morning. >> alex. >> thanks, sue. 8:36. the running man challenge that may have beat them all, you know, this is going every where, started with basketball players, news anchors, kids, but philadelphia police they tried to just top everyone we will show you the video. >> here's the highlight. >> you and i are in it. >> is that the highlight. >> i thought it was officers twerking. >> well, they are fine. >> but we are in it. don't you want to see it. >> sure.
8:37 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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8:39 am
that is a live shot as you can tell because we're zooming in. they don't know we're taking that shot. that is fox five, in new york city, that is the village, the westville age, and it is
8:40 am
makeshift memorial, started yesterday, it is growing by the minute here, at the stone wall inn, in the village, in new york city, and famous bar that was the site of the 1969 police raid that launch the gay rights movement. >> all right. >> #love is love is trending. everybody trying to spread love and try to make something positive, bringing people together. there will be a vigil at 6:30 at city hall, so make sure to come out. >> i will swing by that tonight. >> well, philadelphia police trying to spread goodwill. >> they tried too. >> another social media dance craze has been going every where. it is villanova that has done it, we have done it, called running man challenge. the officer's talents go beyond the dance floor and when you watch it, you might see some familiar faces. >> um-hmm. >> ♪
8:41 am
they have a nice skit in there as they talk about how they are putting this together. they didn't want to make this another running man video they were challenge by detroit police department. that is how it all started. >> this is where they are really breaking it down. look at those moves, pelvic thrust, baby. >> that was social media manager dance nothing that last clip, we had him on the show, because he's done some stuff that has gone viral. >> there is another one at art museum steps, she just starts twerking, here we go about to break it down a little bit. >> best dancer in the whole thing. >> i thought your moves were
8:42 am
pretty good. >> thank you. >> they got people. >> ♪ >> my goodness. >> who is that with the hat on. >> dave kinchen, with the eagles helmet. >> okay. >> so as we said all morning long tributes by cities, because of the massacre in orlando, celebrities took to twitter yesterday. >> yes, they sure did. >> hi jen. >> we are hearing tony awards was on last night and hear about what they, did obviously everyone is thinking about orlando, athletes, politicians, celebrities hear from them all.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:46 am
8:46. the dome of the cathedral of the st. peter and paul looking at the blue sky, hardly a cloud in the sky, just a gorgeous morning out there, still breezy though, with the high pressure building in, cold front that came through yesterday, we're in between and seeing maybe 20 or 25 miles an hour winds today. that is the situation throughout the afternoon. things will calm down tonight and tomorrow with another beautiful day that we don't expect that rain out west but to be here until later in the week, 61 degrees, 49 in mount pocono. sixty-four in dover. mid 60's in wildwood but we're heading to 80, today, it was 90's both days of the weekend, 92 on saturday. ninety on sunday. this is more reasonable for this time in june. it is still technically spring, summer starts a week from today.
8:47 am
82 degrees tomorrow. eighty-six on wednesday. and some rain rolls in for end of the workweek. we're hoping to get it out of friday morning and make way for a nice weekend. the that is your seven day forecast, from the weather authority. alex and mike. >> sue, nice job. 8:47. celebrities, athletes, politicians are expressing outrage and sadness because of the massacre in orlando. >> so lets get to jen because she has more reaction from those celebrities. >> tony award went on last night just hours after the heart wrenching massacre in orlando and show host was thinking about the attack as well as some of the people who received the awards. >> when senseless act of tragedy remind thaws nothing here is promised, not one day, this she is proof that history remembers we live through times when hate and fear seem stronger, we rise and fall and light from dying embers remembrances that hepp and love lasts longer. love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love,
8:48 am
and cannot be killed. >> honestly he is the star and he wrote the score, of hamilton, and that is why people are tweeting love is love, because of his moving speech there. >> so all of these people very quick to react as soon as they saw it. hillary clinton's latest tweet we need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hand of terrorist or other violent criminals. donald trump what has happened in orlando is just beginning. our leadership is weak, ineffective. i called it, and asked for the ban. must be tough. horrified by mass shooting in orlando, when will we do something to prevent these killing sprees. ariana grande how, how, how can one of so much hate. my hearties so broken. praying for families of the orlando victim. i'm so sorry. adam lambert my thoughts and prayers with my brothers and sisters at orlando's pulse nightclub, rip to those who lost their lives.
8:49 am
reese wheater spoon i'm heart broken by tragedy. praying for orlando and suffering created by this senseless violence. of course, we're hearing from you guys as well. so feel free to use the #fox 29 good day, you know, a lot of people don't know where to go to express how they feel because it is such a mix of emotion this morning but again we're listening to you. we know you are there. as you tweet, go on facebook, instagram, use the #fox 29 good day, guys. >> all right, jen thank you for that. >> well, tribute as jen just mentioned continued throughout the night and into this morning. how adele honored victims with the special song. we will play it for you. hello!
8:50 am
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checking traffic, the earlier accident on the blue
8:53 am
route, just out of the mid county tolls have been cleared. it never was blocking the lane but backup is going so slowly at that portion of the blue route, as people slowly try to merge and get where they need to go probably in the city. roosevelt boulevard, lets check that and see equally slow southbound into the city towards the schuylkill expressway, speeds are picking though, picking up they in other places, usual backups along i-95 around cottman avenue, the schuylkill especially near the vine is slow as well. so, things will be improving, alex, just not yet. >> thanks, sue. well, adele dedicated, she got emotional talking about the tragedy in orlando at a hoe in belgium last night. >> unaudible. >> she dedicated the entire show to everyone who was
8:54 am
inside the night club when those shots were fired. coming up at 8:54. we continue to follow latest on is what being called worst mass shooting in u.s. history 49 dead and more than 50 hurt when gunman opens fire in the gay nightclub, a night of terror and this morning search for family members and loved ones. >> i'm in the bathroom. he is coming. i'm going to die. >> a mother held grieving as her son text her from inside that club, last message that he sent before the text messages stopped.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
well, that flag is in washington d.c., all flags in america at half staff, good day everybody it is monday, june the 13th, 2016.
8:58 am
lauren is here. >> good morning. >> i'm glad you are here. you lived in orlando for how many years. >> six years. >> you knew of that club. >> i did. i had a lot of friend that went there, partied there. one of the places people have told me, i have never gone myself, they just accepted everyone. it is as transparent as you wanted to be. for so many people i knew, sometimes being in this business or other jobs you are not quite sure do i want to come out and tell the world that i'm gay or that i'm a lesbian or whatever your sexual preference is. that was a place they could be themselves, tell the world and be proud of it. >> in a club like that, some people who are not gay just go there to dance. >> absolutely. >> just to hang out and have fun. >> that was a safe have men that community. we heard from one of the sound by the where do we go now because what we do. >> nellie, director of lb gt affairs said nightclubs are considered a safe place. a place you can go and relate to others. >> between last night, there was another big club there.
8:59 am
>> parliament house. >> that was it. >> they said it was jam packed. >> jammed packed you will not scare as you way. >> i can see that. >> okay. one mother in florida, woke up yesterday morning, in the middle of the night to a heart wrenching text from her son. he was at the nightclub. probably just around 2:30 after the shooting started. he ran into the bathroom and started texting his mom, help me. is there the mom. >> her name is mena, and she got a text from eddie at 2:06 a.m. his first text said mommy, i love you, in the club they are shooting. he went on to ask to call police. the conversation went on for half an hour. it took a more serious turn when eddie told her gunman was now in the bathroom where she was hiding. >> i asked him what he hurt. he said yes. some of the people hurt. he said yes. i said what bathroom are you in. he said women's bathroom.
9:00 am
then he said hurry, he is in the bathroom with us. he is a terror. i asked him in the main bathroom? he said no. >> so then you saw that one text says i'm going to die. he did. the gun man shot him, killed him. >> he was just 30 years old. >> unreal. >> it is one thing, you know, of course losing one on your children is one of the worse thing that you can because you don't think they will go before you but to texture son while this is happening. >> he lived in orlando in the condo, working as an accountant and his mom knew he was gay. he had come out to her. she used to say live in the sky house, just like the jefferson's. those text that got me is the one that says called them mommy, now. he wants the police in there, helping, doing, you know, as a


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